Krooked - It's All the Same Shit

Krooked - It's All the Same Shit cover art
Krooked is stoked to feature a new full length by guest artist, Casey Jones, and Alex Chiltsov. Shot on 30 rolls of Super 8, “It’s All The Same Shit” shows all of San Francisco’s grime as well as a full part by Matt Gottwig amongst other SF rippers.


Paul Seaholm: 
Cannonball Adderley - Autumn Leaves
Prince Jammys - In The Area (What A La La) Version
Sepultura - Inquisition Symphony
San Francisco Montage: 
Mark Ayres - Suspiria
San Francisco Montage #2: 
Sonic Youth - Nic Fit
Angelo Badalamenti - Montage From Twin Peaks (Girl Talk/Birds)
Zach Seaholm, Tony Alva, Dennis McGrath: 
The Miles Davis Quintet - It
Untitled Section: 
Untitled - Never Entered My Mind (Album Version)
Matt Gottwig: 
Cluster - Grosses Wasser / Frankie Stein & His Souls - A Taste Of Poison
Nathan Porter, Matt Jones, Andrew Ching: 
Cluster - Grosses Wasser