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This was a promo DVD given away with the 2007 Lakai EMB Carroll Selects. From the backside of the DVD sleeve: "I don't really remember the first time I met Michael Sean Carroll or even the first time I went to Embarcadero. If I had to guess, It would have been around 1989 or 1990. I would have just turned 16 and gotten my driver's license then, which allowed me to go to San Francisco and back without public transit. I do however remember driving up Highway 280 from Palo Alto to Daly City and cruising through the morning fog that surrounded Mike's House. I would get to his house and wait on the couch for Mike to get ready, then we'd head into the city. We'd often stop at FTC then go straight to EMB, find a parking spot and skate all day. When Mike and I first started filming, it was never for a specific video, it was always just to film his new tricks. When Mike Ternasky made the migration from H-Street to Plan B, I became the logical filmer dedicated to Mike Carroll. From Airplanes to Canada and road trips to San Diego and back, the nostalgia from those times with Mike always goes back to EMB. The loud bricks and solid cement blocks created the ultimate testing ground for tricks that defined the future of skateboarding. In hindsight, I have grow to view it as a privilege to be associated with that era and to have spent so much time documenting a place that now only exists in our memories. This shoe and video are time capsules of that era and a snapshot of what passed before the lens of my camera." -Jacob Rosenberg, March 2007


1990-91 : 
Souls of Mischief - Cab Fare
Filming a Line: 
Del the Funky Homosapien feat. Hieroglyphics - Burnt