Los Angeles City Scape, Vol. 1

Los Angeles City Scape, Vol. 1 cover art


Infamous Mobb - Mobb Niggas (feat. Prodigy)
Alfonso Fernandez: 
Beat Nuts - Duck Season 2
Eric Ostos: 
Awol One - Rhythm
Josh Sierra: 
The Fax Machine - Inferno
Layth Sami: 
Guido Corleone - A Day In The Life...
Montage #1: 
Nas - Star Wars
Montage #2: 
Gang Starr - Full Clip
Javier Nunez: 
Planet Asia - All The Names
Dustin Montie: 
Infamous Mobb - Hustle Hard IM3
Ronsom Lambert: 
Supernatural - Off The Top
Planet Asia: 
Planet Asia - Thick Ropes