Monster - Side Mission

Monster - Side Mission cover art


"On top of handling their Euro demo tour, the Monster team tackled some insane terrain in the streets. Tap in with full parts and featured clips from GT, Lizzie, Ishod, Nyjah and company. "


Gabriel Fortunato: 
Nick Andre - Foul Play
Jorge Simoes: 
Grant Taylor, Liam, Trey Wood: 
Runaway Nunns - Crisp
Runaway Nunns - Alright Now
Charlie Munro & Dlamini Dlamini: 
Night Moves - Colored Emotions
Marek Zaprazny: 
LNDN DRGS & Jay Worth - Mony Don't Make the Man
Kevin Baekkel & Jhancarlos Gonzalez: 
Deathchant - Hex
Ishod Wair, Panos Loupis, Matt Berger, Kevin Hoefler, Egor Kaldikov, Justin Sommer & Aurelien Giraud: 
Maxwell Udoh - I Like It
Giovanni Vianna: 
Deerhoof - Wrong Time Capsule
Nyjah Huston: 
The I.L.Y's - Bobo