Natural Koncept - Shinnin' In the Streets

Natural Koncept - Shinnin' In the Streets cover art
Natural Koncept has been blazing in the streets hard since the mid 90s. Choppy Omega, Kale Sandridge, Caz Helmstetter, Sean Reilly and Brendan Leung set the epic tone early on & Bonestalone, the Velez brothers, Carlo Carezzano & JJ Colõn have kept the flare flickering with radness since the late 2000s. Shinin’ in the Streets is Natty Kon’s 8th feature film documenting gritty, yet dazzling street skateboarding on location in Medellín, Bogotá, Barcelona, Bristol, Fredericksburg & New York City. The crew also traveled to New Orleans and Baton Rouge for the Voodoo on Bourbon Tour with special guest Jordan Trahan behind the lens. NK’s very own artist & east coast legend Dalt~One threads the film together with his trippy characters and supreme handstyle. JZ Radical delivers the edit. Crack open a Big Can & enjoy.


Newcleus - Jam Ou It (Back In Da Days Old Shool Mix)
JJ Colõn: 
54242 - FAFA
Campamento - Carezzano
JZ Radical: 
Cee-lo Husle - Carezano
Carlo Carezzano: 
Con Pasio - Carezano
Bonestalone #1: 
Rappin' Robot - Egyptian Lover
Bonestalone #2: 
Double A-Ron & Jdillon - Walk Around
Juan Pablo Velez: 
Lofi - Blow
Ride - Polar Bear
Automatic - Strange Conversaions
Ride - Sennen