John Montesi: 
Crash Course - Friends of A Dead Fan
Chris Hall: 
S.M.K. & Mike Smooth - ?
Rick Ibaseta: 
Poets Anoymous - Kold Blue Lyrics
Ron Knigge: 
The Odd Numbers - Something New
Andrew Morrison: 
The Odd Numbers - Youth Explosion
Chris Fissel: 
Gas Huffer - Compromise in the Dark
Danny Sargent: 
Spit Muffins - Everyday
Fred Olande: 
The Odd Numbers - Between the Two of Us
Jeremy Daclin, Gorm Boberg, Christian Heitman: 
Spit Muffins - Richman
Andy Howell, Johnny & Jose Gomes: 
The Mafioso - The Sound Lil' Put Down
Rene Mattyssen: 
The Odd Numbers - Television
Armando Barajas: 
Crash Course - Different Reason
Justin Girard: 
Chris DeLeon the FT - Different Reason
Neal Hendrix: 
Uncommon Society - 4 x 100 Miles
Ed Templeton: 
411 - Those Homophobic
Mike Vallely: 
411 - Face the Flag