Nike SB - 7 Ball

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Two vans, 16 people, multiple trips, ample passport stamps, and controlled, but productive, chaos, 7 Ball is the latest full-length orchestrated by London-based videographer Will Miles. An international video inspired by overachieving and escaping the winter, Will and a double-digit crew traveled for close to two years to create 7 Ball. Featuring Kyron Davis, Chris Jones, Korahn Gayle, Jack O'Grady, Ville Wester, Hugo Boserup, Joe Campos, Noah Mahieu, Eetu Toropainen 00:00 - Kyron Davis 04:11 - Chris Jones and Korahn Gayle 08:49 - Croatia 17:05 - Jack O’Grady 20:41 - Ville Wester, Hugo Boserup and Joe Campos 23:54 - Noah Mahieu 28:50 - Eetu Toropainen 34:28 - Credits Thrasher Cover: Jack O'Grady, August 2023. Photo by James Griffiths.


Kyron Davis: 
Grace - If I Could Fly
Chris Jones and Korahn Gayle: 
Moin - Melon
Deafheaven - You Without End
Jack O'Grady: 
Helions Creed - Un-Human Condition
Ville Wester, Hugo Boserup and Joe Campos: 
Naked Raygun - Wonder Beer
Noah Mahieu: 
Quannic - Gesture Gesture Gesture
Eetu Toropainen: 
Eastern Youth - 夜がまた来る (Night Comes Again)