Jeremy Hu: 
The Spinners - Everybody Plays the Fool
Alex Huang & Joe Wang: 
Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better
Boss Xie WK: 
Fu Ling Chao: 
Immaculate Machine - Sound the Alarms
Friends #1: 
Andre Nickatina - Cocaine
Friends #2: 
Jay Dilla - Can't You See
Tommy Zhao & Jay Meador: 
Wess & The Airdales - Vehicle
Che Lin: 
Peedi Crakk - More Towels
Brian Smith: 
Sigur Rós - Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur
Johnnie Tang: 
The Supremes - You Keep Me Hangin' On
Johnny Tang: 
The Beatles - A Day in the Life
Pete Wingfield - 18 With a Bullet