No Place Like Home...

No Place Like Home... cover art
"Filming the first SQUARE video is a great adventure for all of us. As the original team had came up with the new crew for this video. A good melting pot brought a special cast and the flavor of the video is just fresh and funny. Support the local scene and enjoy watching this video will definitely push your skateboarding."


Jr. Walker & the allstars - Shotgun
les français #1: 
Alan Vega - Jukebox Babe
William Phan & Baptiste Myzor: 
The CMA - The Immigrant
the english mates: 
Niko Malinowsky - Tortue Genial
Thibaud at Henning's #1: 
Jelly Roll Morton - Boogie Woogie Rag
Thibaud at Henning's #2: 
Cassandra Wilson - Hot Tamales
Thibaud at Henning's #3: 
Niko Malinowsky - I Love To Chill
Alexis Jauzion #1: 
Saint Säens - El Carneval De Los Animals
Alexis Jauzion #2: 
Dorothy Morrison - Rain
Pimp Lotion - track 3
Tchaikovsky - Russian Dance
D'Schwyzer #1: 
Blueprint - Where's your gilrfriend at?
D'Schwyzer #2: 
Niko Malinowsky - Printemps dance
bat's board: 
Madzim & Sec. Undo - piste 10
die deutschen: 
MIA. - Kreisel
Thibaud Fradin: 
Malted milk - I wanna get funky
Alexis at Dany's: 
Perez Prado and his Orchestra - Mambo Jambo
los espanoles: 
Mango Gadzi - opa opa
Henning Braaten: 
Vertige Quartet - C.O.Y.L.
Mango Gadzi - Le Train de 7h40