Nova World Order - INT3RDIM3NSIONS

Nova World Order - INT3RDIM3NSIONS cover art


Nova World Order is a skateboarding brand from New York City founded in 2022. "INT3RDIM3NSIONS" was filmed and edited by Chris Patti, featuring full parts from Pat Hoblin, Jose Zapatero, and Luca Mayer. Also featuring footage from Tony Gonzales, Greg Valencia, Malcolm-Emilio, Lenard Tejada, Walker Jones, and Isa Flowers. Cameo Appearance: Weckingball, Bam Margera, Jereme Rogers. Additional Filming: Ivan Escobar


1. Title Screen: 
G H Ö S T - My Soldiers Rage
2. Security Guard: 
Ecco2k - Security!
3. Jose Zapatero: 
Wisp - Your Face
4. Montage 1: 
The Bug Feat. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart
5. Luca Mayer: 
PinkPantheress - Break It Off
6. Montage 2: 
Thouxanbanfauni - ULTRA VIOLET
7. Pat Hoblin: 
Cellø - Slo It Down
8. Credits: 
Playboi Carti - New N3on