Outta Control Vhsrip

Outta Control Vhsrip cover art
(26 min)
Filmed between 2007 and 2010, and edited in 2015, the skinniest crew return to create the first remake of a skate video, because they are too lazy to get off their fat asses to film a new one!


Out of Control - Antinowhere League
Cosimo Bruchi & Filippo Aglietti #1: 
Versace - Migos
Cosimo Bruchi & Filippo Aglietti #2: 
Tormentor - Slayer
Alessandro Cheli & Dimitri: 
Jumping someone else's train - The Cure
Ghigo & Friends: 
Paper planes - M.I.A feat.Bum B
Matt Frezz #1: 
Barmy army - The Exploited
Matt Frezz #2: 
Nightrain - Hollywood Roses
Gilberto Cannarozzi #1: 
Now I'm high, really high - Three 6 Mafia
Gilberto Cannarozzi #2: 
I don’t like - Chief Keef feat Lil Reese
Terror Checco: 
Life’s a bitch - Motorhead
Allievo, Mirko, Amerigo, Marzo & Credits: 
He got game - Public Enemy