Pathways 2

Pathways 2 cover art
Pathways 2 is an imagined world of skateable modern architecture and surreal imagery, drawing its influence from the creative skate videos of Japan. Six years in the making and filmed primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, it stars Josh Paz, Elijah Akerly, Chris Jatoft, and many more. Pathways 2 is the first half of a double-feature, directed by Brett Nichols. Watch Broadway • Broadway to see the concept inverted; an exploration of older architecture coupled with scenes of real life happening around us. Photo: Gerardo Peniche, front board pop-out, by Tadashi Yamaoda Artwork by Cosme Studio Filmed and edited by Brett Nichols


Tangerine Dream - Birth of Liquid Plejades
Josh Paz: 
Ajukaja - Benga Benga
Untitled Section: 
Rare Silk - Storm
Untitled Section: 
Miles Davis - Tutu
Untitled Section: 
Miles Davis - Portia
Guem Et Zaka - La Foret Vierge
Elijah Akerly: 
Miles Davis - Backyard Ritual
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Water Copy
Chris Jatoft: 
Dizzy K - Be My Friend
MKwaju Ensemble - Tira-Rin
Brett Nichols: