Super London

Super London cover art


Two creative forces not to be trifled with, a collaborative project between Phil Evans and Jeremy Jones was always going to bear unique and inspiring fruit. It does so here in the form of 'Super London', a film shot completely on Super 8 film which was then hand painted and arranged into strips to resemble the film as it passes through a projector; meaning you can watch Jeremy cruise through Southbank and various other corners of the city in a mixed media artistic odyssey. We're big fans of Phil's filmic vision and of Jeremy's skating and painting, so are very stoked to be presenting this video (with an accompanying behind the scenes edit, watch it here: [*see the 'links' section of this page -SVS] Filmed & Edited by: Phil Evans Illustration by: Phil Evans


Mean Gene Kelly - Greg The Egg
Mean Gene Kelly - N.P.C.
Mean Gene Kelly - Blahem
Olympic Runners - Interference Free