Anacr?nico cover art


Andres Diaz: 
Quantic - Ticket To Know Where (feat. Ohmega Watts)
Daniel Hernandez: 
Atmosphere - Trying To Find A Balance
Carlos Cardenosa: 
Silky Spearman - I'm A Good Woman
Montage #1: 
The Prodigy - 3 Kilos
Montage #2: 
Sandy Gaye - Watch The Dog
Kevin Figueras: 
Quantic And Nickodemus - My Swing Es Tropical
David Tolosa: 
Rob Swift - Salsa Scratch
Diego Cano: 
The Mighty Show-Stoppers - Hippy Skippy Moon Strut (remix)
Fran Rodriguez: 
Channel Live - Down Goes The Devil
Montage #3: 
The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Get A Move On
Montage #4: 
Beatmakin Troopa - Surprise Visit
Montage #5: 
Wilson Pickett - Land Of 1000 Dances
Victor Zamora: 
Funkdoobiest - Lost In Thought
Octavio Barrera: 
Donovan - Get Thy Bearings
Alexis Samper: 
Beirut - Elephant Gun
The Truth - Handsome Boy Modeling School