Polar - Everything is Normal

Polar - Everything is Normal cover art
A Film by Sirus f Gahan Filmed by: Sirus f Gahan Tor Ström Masanori Uruma Ben Chadourne Pontus Alv Takuya Izumi Rob Taro Ryan Garshell Kyota Kamei Nick Boserio ________________________ Produced by: Masanori Uruma Pontus Alv Luke Jackson ________________________ Sound Mix by Francis Peters 3D Animation by Andy Green Translations by Takuya "Meijin" Takahashi, Kathleen Reilly & Masanori Uruma Music Supervision by Ashleigh Maclean


Oh Yoko - Heaven's Gate
Kiki Kakitani: 
Ricky Eat Acid - Falling Forever and Ever
Untitled Section: 
Bby Eco - Night on Earth
Untitled Section: 
SA. G. Cook - Gemstone Break
Oskar Rozenberg: 
Sparky - Even Tru
Untitled Section: 
Cajm - 36
Emile Laurent, Ebou Sanyang: 
Simon Drinkwater - Cherry Ave. (Demo)
Untitled Section: 
Rep Seki - Snowman and Bear Sun Mr Sun Mr Sun Give Us Karo Syrup
Untitled Section: 
Train Breaks Down - Untitled
Paul Grund, Aaon Herrington: 
Mason Jones - Being herded like livestock at buc-ee's
Untitled Section: 
Rocket or Chiritori - Space Indian
Jamie Platt, Roman Gonzalez: 
Tina Kit - Bug Kid
Untitled Section: 
C Turtle - Heavenly Bugs
Shin Sanbogi #1: 
Orc Man - Placeholder
Sam Sanbogi #2: 
Dungeon Acid - Forever
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Epilogue