Polar - We Blew It At Some Point

Polar - We Blew It At Some Point cover art


18 Carat Affair - Lovely
Nick Boserio and Emile Laurent #1: 
Worked World - Art for Art's Sake
Nick Boserio and Emile Laurent #2: 
Ragnar Grippe - Heartbeat
Montage #1: 
The Eyes - Bent on Repair
18 Carat Affair - Alpha Format
Montage #2: 
Dreamatic - Audio Trip
Oskar Rozenberg: 
Beastie Boys - Time For Livin'
Aaron Herrington Intro: 
18 Carat Affair - Holly, Janice + Diane
Aaron Herrington: 
Dean Blunt - Rachel Cut
New York City: 
18 Carat Affair - Modern Love
Andrew Wilson: 
The S.O.S. Band - Just Be Good To Me
Shin Shanbongi: 
Antenna - Achilles
Montage #3: 
18 Carat Affair - Commercial Lighting
Hjalte Halberg: 
Connan Mockasin - I'm The Man, That Will Find You
Montage #4: 
Move - Re Sole
Montage #5: 
Klaus Nomi - Valentine's Day
Paul Grund and Roman Gonzalez: 
Silver Mountain Reveries - More Action! Less Tears!
Jacob Ovgren - I Still Wait For You
Dane Brady: 
Narada Michael Walden - The Dance of Life
18 Carat Affair - Lovely