Pyramid Country - Distant Mind Terrain

Pyramid Country - Distant Mind Terrain cover art
promo (18 min)
United States


Intro and Tyler Franz: 
Protector 101 - Night Demon
Eric Dowswell: 
Radio Juicy - S02E15 THC
Aric Blattner and Kevin Skutnik: 
Maxx Mann - Bloody and Blue
Shaun Gregoire: 
Yevrs - ?
Chase Mcintyre: 
Depressed Teenager - Guccizone
Chase Mcintyre Outro: 
Hiroshi Sato - Prophet
Blue Headey: 
BSD.U - A00000 00 0 000 0004.WAV
Jonathan Pierce and Aaron Goure: 
George Clanton - Kill You In Bed
Justin Modica: 
DJentrifcation - Populvuh
Late Nite Link: 
Low Tee - Come On Back 2 Me
Dave Engerer: 
Adeodat Warfield - Bending of Starlight
Kevin Braun: 
Mus.hiba - Darkness
Adeodat Warfield - Oriole Over Kingsbury Siding