Red Bull - Madars Apse "Forget Me Not"

Red Bull - Madars Apse "Forget Me Not" cover art
This six-minute belter from everyone’s favourite Latvian contains all the ingredients of a timeless Madars Apse video part: innovative, inventive skating, a different eye for spots and a personal style all of his own. With footage garnered from the streets of the world, our global skate ambassador has assembled a part which showcases just how well-rounded his talent and creative instincts really are. Soundtracked by a a stone-cold 90’s jam and with an end section which starts wild and ends on a rocket ride that most of us would sensibly avoid, this is a master skateboarder at the height of his powers. Madars Apse is a skater’s skater, and we are proud to present ‘Forget Me Not’, his brand new personal Red Bull Skateboarding part for 2023. As always, enjoy! Director: Ira Ingram - Speedwoble Filmer: David Hoang Guillaume Perimony Daniel Galli Arturas Jendovickis Martinas Agafonov Travis Adams Jack Thompson Rich Smith Ed Gaba Tuan Nguyen Martin Fobes klavs laivenieks Jimmy Astleford Mark Stewart Ira Ingram Producer: Ira Ingram - Speedwoble


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