Red Dragon - Skateboard Party

Red Dragon - Skateboard Party cover art


Ted Humphrey - More Cowbell
Mike Hastie: 
Renee Renee - Sexcapades
Ryan Oughton: 
Ian Thomas - Painted Ladies
Caine Gayle, Rob Sluggo Boyce: 
Renee Renee - Sex Is Hot
Russ Milligan, Sean Hayes, Gailea Momolu: 
Moka Only - More Soup (feat. MF Doom)
Moses Itkonen, Glen Suggitt, Ryan Smith, Paul Machnau: 
Backlip - Shot The Gun
Arron Johnson: 
Pixies - Mr Grieves
Paul Trep: 
Performed T.I - A.S.A.P
Backlip - Driving (instrumental)
Untitled Section: 
Stand Down - Tickle
Untitled Section: 
Swollen Members - Black Magic
Untitled Section: 
Swollen Members - Too Hot
Untitled Section: 
Planet Asia - Stick And Move (feat. Prodigy)
Untitled Section: 
Moka Only - Red Dragon