Rip City Skates - Kinda Crazy

Rip City Skates - Kinda Crazy cover art


Featuring: Mark Gonzales, Eric Dressen, Lizzie Armanto, Tony Alva, and the Rip City locals. Director: Daniel Pappas Producer: Chris Candy, Sam Sweet, and Rick Darge Director of Photography: Harley Astorga, Rick Darge Additional Cinematography: Boaz Aquino, and Ben Greenblatt Editor: Joe Uhlarik Additional Editing: Diego Astorga Production Sound: Aldus Punat, Dylan Lloyd Sound Mix: Chris Shilakes Music by: Isaiah Barr and Jon Nellen Digital Intermediate Colorist: Alastor Arnold Digital Intermediate Editor: Brett Van Egmond Digital Intermediate Producer: Emily Vail Photographer: Ryan Moraga Titles: Wes Humpston and Nathan Cabrera Archival Footage: Dave Marky