Roger - Cold Brew

Roger - Cold Brew cover art
Down in Austin the Roger rippers serve a heavy jolt by way of Ryan Thompson’s ungodly pop, Reese Barton’s cannonball commitment and much, much more. Sip on this.


1. Intro, Ryan Thompson: 
Fruit Bats - Flamingo
2. Montage 1 (Max Jang...): 
Dretussin Feat. Larry June - Straight to Yale
3. Montage 2 (David Langston...): 
Lightheart Sounds - Get On My Wave
4. Daniel Rozenberg: 
5. Marshall Manuel: 
Drunk Dom And The Roaches - A Day’s First Drink
6. Brian Gonterman: 
Mulch Cult - Collectivision
7. Reese Barton Intro: 
Lightheart Sounds - Enter Treasure Keeper
8. Reese Barton: 
Dress Up - Drug Abuse
9. Outro/Credits: 
Shawty Pimp Feat. Reddog - One Mean Stain