Roger - R11VM Issue #43

Roger - R11VM Issue #43 cover art
"The Roger crew is back, riding some video-mag vibes and flying down TX’s tallest ditches and overpasses. The cameos alone are worth the watch." -Thrasher Magazine



Intro #1: 
Sol - The Boxcar (411VM Theme Slowed Down)
Intro #2: 
Lofivisions - Beat 1
Wheel Bites Of Fortune: David Langston #1: 
Pearl Yoko - Erica
Wheel Bites Of Fortune: David Langston #2: 
Willy McGee - Double Text
The Hug Video "Commercial": 
Brofiles: Ryan Thompson & Max Taylor: 
Willy McGee - This Is News
Guru Khalsa (Sitar): 
Idlewild 2 Commercial: 
Deltron 3030 - 3030
Sage Company Commercial: 
Tejas #1: 
Pearl Yoko - Analog Internet
Tejas #2: 
DJ Smokey - Glock In My Drawers
Wheel Bites Of Fortune: Reese Barton: 
DETOX - Demo 2021
JD Clark & The Stuck in the Mud Band - Lone Star Lonely