Santa Cruz - Misprints

Santa Cruz - Misprints cover art
We proudly introduce our newest video ‘MISPRINTS’ Starring Tom Asta, Maurio McCoy, Kevin Braun & Introducing Devin Flynn. With a focus on their east coast and midwest routes the crew traveled between Philadelphia, New York, Nashville and more over the last year. Camera work by Nick Hanson, Harry Bergenfield, and Joe Perrin.


1. Intro: 
Stravs - Faux
2. Devin: 
Bartees Strange - Mustang
3. Braun Intro: 
Adeodat Warfield - Little House Near The Library
4. Braun: 
Kill Surf City - Ain’t It Sad
5. Maurio Intro: 
Dialgo - On The Way
6. Maurio: 
Adeodat Warfield - That’s The Spirit
7. Asta: 
R.A. The Rugged Man Feat. Masta Killa & Killa Priest - Chains
8. Asta Outro: 
Stravs - Bronx