Satellite Thirteen - Happily Divided

Satellite Thirteen - Happily Divided cover art
skateshop (40 min)
United States
A skate video out of cincinnati ohio circa 2005/06. Video features the skateboarding of chad bowers, andrew elliott, gabe peterson, chris anderson, scott zellner, zach kincaid, tony opp, ben clemens, and many more. edited by: chad bowers filmed by: chad bowers, ben clemens, gene turner, and more... all music rights belong to the artist


Minus Story - Hybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)
Chris Anderson: 
Arcade Fire - Headlights Look Like Diamonds
Zach Kincaid & Andy Licardi: 
Guided By Voices - Everybody Thinks I''m a Raincloud
Gabe Peterson & Kevin Bruce #1: 
Belle and Sebastian - Dirty Dream Number Two
Gabe Peterson & Kevin Bruce #2: 
Neil Young - Cripple Creek Ferry
Crooked Fingers - Call to Love
Ben Clemens & Kyle Clemens: 
The Grass Roots - Let's Live For Today
Scott Zellner & Chad Zellner: 
Broken Social Scene - 7/4 (Shoreline)
Super 8MM Interlude: 
Andrew Bird - Untitled
Chad Bowers & Joey Bowers #1: 
Pavement - Perfume-V
Chad Bowers & Jowy Bowers #2: 
Pavement - Shady Lane / J Vs. S
Andrew Elliott & Ben Gardner: 
Rilo Kiley - It Juust Is
Credits #1: 
Sigur Rós - Með Blóðnasir
Credits #2: 
Mogwai - Two Rights Make One Wrong