Satori - In Search of Roots & Culture

Satori - In Search of Roots & Culture cover art


Intro #1: 
Faramarz Payvar - Dastgah Mahur
Intro #2: 
Sizzla - Love is Always There
Danny Fuenzalida: 
Los Incas - Tema de Miamara
Nilton Neves: 
Augustus Pablo - King Tubby meets Rockers uptown
Brent Achtechteg, Jimmy Lannon & Robbie Holmes: 
Left Channel - Garden Party
Tony Cox: 
Ward 21 - A rose is just a rose
Steve Olson: 
Mr. Vegas - Chop out de Grass
Karl Watson: 
Anthony B - Put it pon me
Jeremiah Rabb: 
Mercury Rev - Syringe Mouth
AJ Mazzu: 
Buju Banton - Slam Bam
Jack Sabback: 
Determine - Fire fire
Carlos Young: 
Bounty Killa - Smile up
Gravor Prescogg, Geoff Dermer & Brian Deladonne: 
Danger Mouse - December 4th
Jan & Mune: 
Manitoba - Thistles and felt
Aaron Suski: 
Neil Young with Crazy Horse - Cowgirl in the sand
Lucian Moon: 
Prince Far I - Low Gravity
Jesse Hochkiss: 
Evoloutionaries - True to self
Wes Lott, Aaron Argis & Friends: 
Aphrodite's Child - Let me love, let me live
Jake Rupp: 
T.O.K. - Cree
Ed Selego & Guru Khalsa: 
Baby Cham - Middle fingers in the air
Matt Pailes: 
Sizzla - By your words
Augustus Pablo - Blowin' in the wind
Outro #1: 
Winston Wright - Musically Red
Outro #2: 
Dave Bartholomew - Monkey speaks his mind
Outro #3: 
Micah Aza - ?
Dirt Skate: 
Expresion - Ollantay
Creation Commercial: 
Augustus Pablo - Meditation DUB