SF Greatest Misses 1994-1997

SF Greatest Misses 1994-1997 cover art
"Greatest Misses is to San Francisco what Revisted was to New York, and it basically sums up the city’s overall contribution to the development of skating more than anybody’s part in Questionable or Video Days, even if its coverage begins a bit late at 1994. Greatest Misses tends to put things into perspective via a history lesson in the same way it remains to be a fun video to watch before you leave the house to go skate."


Intro - Keenan Milton RIP: 
? - Primo's Bakery Pt.1
Opening Title: 
Young Cellski - Livin in the Bay
Opening Montage: 
The Doors - 5 to 1
James Kelch: 
Carmine Coppola - Remember Vito Andolini
Montage #2: 
Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces
Mike York / Shamil Randall: 
? - Primo's Bakery Pt.2
Marcus McBride: 
The Whoridas - Get Lifted
Montage #3: 
Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 22
Montage #4: 
The Alkaholics - The Next Level
Lennie Kirk: 
E-40 - Growing Up
Joey Bast: 
Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side
Pat Washington: 
P.W. Esquire - Bomb Beats
Lavar McBride: 
Young Cellski - Livin in the Bay
Karl Watson: 
Sean Paul - Gimme The Light
Drake Jones: 
Dr. Dre - Chronic Outro (Instrumental)
San Quinn - Mob Style Music