Shep Dawgs Vol. 4

Shep Dawgs Vol. 4 cover art


Brujeria - Don Quijote Marihuana
Taylor Smith: 
Freedom´s Children - Sea Horse
Nick Pope: 
Epitath - I´m Trying
Julian Heller & JS Lapierre: 
Tommy Wright III - Gangsta Forever
Brock Lorentzen: 
Jesse Noonan & Jackson Pilz: 
Earth, Win & Fire - Let´s Groove
Tanner Cribbs: 
Captain Beyond - Evil Men
Yesterday´s Children - Sailing
Stephen Lawyer #1: 
Demon Fuzz - Past Present And Future
Stephen Lawyer #2: 
Chief Keef - Cuz My Gear
Rowan Zorilla: 
Beastie Boys - Futterman´s Rule
Taylor Kirby: 
Groundhogs - You Had A Lesson
Riley Hawk: 
Steel Mill - Green Eyed God
AJ Zavala: 
Electric Food - Nosferatu
The Doors - Hyacinth House