Skate Tales - How Wes Kremer Lives An Analog Life (S3E1)

Skate Tales - How Wes Kremer Lives An Analog Life (S3E1) cover art


Wes Kremer is your favourite skateboarder’s ACTUAL favourite skateboarder: an offline enigma who manages to be both one of the world’s most highly- rated and least visible pro’s at the same time. One of the purest souls in skateboarding, the San Diego native and former Thrasher Magazine Skater Of The Year might be expected to chase the benefits of the attention economy. Instead, Wes does not exist on social media at all- preferring to live a life of relative anonymity committed to the tour van and the everyman aspect of skateboarding life. The most elusive skate hero of the digital age, Madars sets out to discover how Wes juggles sponsorship responsibilities with a skateboarding career devoted to avoiding any unnecessary limelight. Join Madars as he kicks it with the unique Wes Kremer!