Skate Tales - Richie Jackson (S3E5)

Skate Tales - Richie Jackson (S3E5) cover art
Richie Jackson has thrown skateboarding's unwritten rulebook in the bin. His wild imagination and inventive approach broke the internet and split skating opinion in two. Richie Jackson is skateboarding’s last true outlaw. The Death Skateboards pro broke the skateboarding mold and threw its unwritten rule book in the bin, personally ushering in the ‘anything goes’ era everyone claims to applaud today. With a wild imagination and inventive approach to what street skateboarding can be, the New Zealander has eclipsed most of his peers in terms of public awareness by using social media to leapfrog out of skateboarding’s orthodoxies. Holder of the most-watched video part in Thrasher’s history and possessor of unique personal style, Madars investigates the man from straight out of skating’s leftfield!