Skater’s Quarterly - Vol. 1

Skater’s Quarterly - Vol. 1 cover art
FROM THE BACK OF THE VIDEO SLEEVE: A hot new video magazine on the cutting edge of the skate scene. Produced four times a year, SQ-TV is a fast paced MTV-style music/action video featuring hot pros in street and ramp action combined with highlights of the NSA Pro-Tour. The ‘Calendar Of Events’ and ‘What’s Hot’ sections will keep you on top of what’s happening. SQ-TV Vol. 1: Features ‘The Pin Motel Expression Session’. You are there as we crash the invitation only skate party of the decade. George Powell, Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva, Hosoi, Reese Simpson, Salba, Thrasher and Transworld were just a few of the faces in the crowd. Bar-B-Q, beer, great music, hard core pool skating at the legendary Pink Motel and perfect California weather all contribute to the real purpose of the event: to get back to the basics of why we all started get loose and have fun!!! The next feature is hardcore street action with The Z-Boys: Pat Ngoho, Jimmy Acosta, Butch Sterbins, and George Watanabe. From Japan we have highlights of the ‘Japan Slam Jam’, the biggest invitation-only pro skate contest in the world. Most of the top U.S. pros were invited. Then we come back to California to the NSA Van’s Pro-Ramp contest held at the Van’s Ramp in Southern California. Then up to San Francisco for highlights of the NSA Pro-Street/Bank Contest ‘Disco In Frisco’. And finally in the ‘What’s Hot’ section we will introduce you to some outrageous stunts by Team Roller Blade that will blow you out the door.