Skater’s Quarterly - Vol. 2

Skater’s Quarterly - Vol. 2 cover art
Skater's Quarterly - A hot new video magazine on the cutting edge of the skate scene. Produced four times a year, SQ-TV is a fast paced MTV-style music/action video featuring hot pros in street and ramp action combined with highlights of the NSA Pro-Tour. The Calender of Events and WHAT'S HOT sections will keep you on top of what's happening. SQ-TV Vol. II Includes: -An underground video of John Lucero's wedding!!! -NSA HIGHLIGHTS: Mt. Trashmore, Ohio skate Invasion, Back to the City (San Francisco), Visalia, San Diego. -SHUT UP and SKATE Highlights: Dallas, Houston -Video Clips: Blockhead, New Deal, Alva- Out of Focus, Eric dressen in Mazatlan, Toxic. -CLASSIC FOOTAGE: Skateboard Mania, The Dog Bowl, Spinning Wheels. -Demo-Footage: Transworld "Masters of Gravity".