Skating On The TV

Skating On The TV cover art
full-length (57 min)
United States


DJ Mehdi - Signatune
Raphael Angeles: 
Florence & The Machine - You've Got The Love
Zaahid Rahman: 
The Organ - It's Time To Go
Cristian Velez & Joey Market: 
Andre Nickatina - Sunny Kim
Jose Angeles: 
Paul McCartney - Fine Line
Jose Rosales: 
Odd Nosdam - Forever Heavy (Shoegangster/JB Remix)
Jack Friedman & Cristian Griego: 
Wolfmother - Tales
Friends Theme Song
Brett Shiffer: 
The Black Keys - Till I Get My Way
RJ Baltazar & Guillermo Oliviera: 
Explosions In The Sky - The Birth (Jesu Mix)
Chris Kraft #1: 
Crystal Castles - Love & Caring
Chris Kraft #2: 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Poor Song
Randy Catanach #1: 
Petula Clark - Downtown
Randy Catanach #2: 
Okay - Compass
Dios Malos - You Got Me All Wrong