Snack - Boneyard

Snack - Boneyard cover art


Panda Bear - Tomboy
Dane Momellini: 
Portishead - Elysium
Bay Kempthorne: 
Gill Scott-Heron - Legend In His Own Mind
Eric B. & Rakim - Casualities Of War
EZ, Sean Cullen: 
Gene Vincent - Summerti9me
Abbas Glass: 
Dru Down Feat. Luniz - Ice Cream Man SICK
Montage #1: 
Rolling Stone - Heart Of Stone
Chris Luhring & Dave Abair: 
The Troggs - From Home
Nathan Porter: 
The Kinks - Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me From Worrin' 'Bout That Girl
Montage #2: 
The Standells - Barracuda
James Capps: 
The Counts - Bills
Montage #3: 
Cymande - Fug
Joey Johnson #1: 
The Stanbells - Mr. Nobody
Joey Johnson #2: 
Eleanor Rigby - The Hot Ones
Aaron Herrington: 
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Help Me Girl
Jeremiah Stevens: 
The Stanbells - Black Hearted Woman