S.O.S. cover art
"In today's world of straight to the web videos, the S.O.S video, is truly a breath of fresh air. S.O.S. is a skate video/print project by Tim O'Rourke. The video was filmed in a true upstate fashion. Tim hit the smaller cities all over the state and brought together some of the best skateboarders from those areas. This is what skateboarding in New York State is all about!" -Politic Skateboards. The 30 page zine piece features artwork and photographs from many contributors. S.O.S. was created entirely in Upstate NY. S.O.S. was limited to only 150 copies.


Intro Friends: 
Ras G,Brotha There - Jus There...
Madlib - Robes
Harris & Dustin: 
Lync - Hands and Knees
Bodega Scene: 
Pete Rock - Questions
Lô Borges - Um Girassol da Cor do Seu
Main Friends: 
Ras G - Children Of The Hapi
MC Ren - May Day On The Front Line
Nick & Julius: 
MF Doom - Licorice
Metallica - (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
John & Blake: 
Lemon Jelly - A Tune For Jack
Outro : 
Red Dunes - Arroyo Flood