Static IV & Static V

Static IV & Static V cover art


When we think about independent productions, the first that springs to mind is the "Static" series by Josh Stewart, the result of 15 years spent filming and travelling around the world with some of the best skateboarders out there. The Static series grand finale brings an overwhelming amount of talent from NYC to SF, Florida to London, and Paris to LA and wraps it all up with a series of cameos and surprises that will satisfy any fan of underground skateboarding. Featuring: Aaron Herrington, Quim Cardona, Jake Johnson, Yonnie Cruz, Vivien Feil, Ben Gore, Jimmy Lannon, Kevin Tierney, Steve Brandi, Jahmal Willams and many others.


Aaron Herrington #1: 
El Michels Affair - Mystery of Chessboxin
Aaron Herrington #2: 
Group Home - Inna Citi Life
Mark Wetzel: 
Dan The Automator - Ganges a Go-Go
Static Alumni: 
De La Soul - Intro (Stakes Is High)
Dustin Eggeling: 
Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Drum Orchestra - The World Is A Ghetto
Pat Stiener: 
Wise Blood - STRT SRNS
Jimmy Lannon: 
AZ - Rather Unique
16mm Subway Montage: 
Harper & Russe & St.George - Nightwalker
Anika - I Go To Sleep
16mm Paris Montage: 
Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire De Melody Nelson
Vivien Feil: 
Richard De Bordeaux & Daniel Beretta - La Drogue
Ben Gore: 
Inter - Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band -
Jake Johnson: 
Milk Music - Cruising With God
Quim Cardona Intro: 
Quim Cardona - Freestyle 1995
Quim Cardona #1: 
Ghostface Killah - Black Jesus
Quim Cardona #2: 
El Michels Affair - Mystery of Chessboxin
Quim Cardona - Where the Hood at Freestyle
Static V - Intro: 
Lil' Red's Medley - Gentlemen's Club
Static V - Kevin Tierney: 
Ill Bill - Brooklyn Bonanza
Static V - Yonnie Cruz: 
Magic Drum Orchestra - Drop It (Like a Funky Muppet)
Static V - Charlie Young: 
Donovan - Bert's Blues
Static V - Brian Clarke: 
Joe Pass - A Time for Us
Static V - 16mm Subway Montage: 
Dem Hunger - Mosque Vibrations
Static V - Joel Meinholz: 
Beyond the Wizard Sleeve - Get Ready to Fly
Static V - Yaje Popson: 
Roy Meriwether - Sexual Healing
Static V - Montage: 
OC - Times Up
Static V - Vincent Alvarez: 
The Peace Ringers - Popcorn
Static V - NYC Montage #1: 
Funkadelic - Tales of Kidd Funkadelic
Static V - NYC Montage #2: 
OC - Time's Up
Static V - Brendan Carroll: 
KRS One - Rappaz R. N. Dainja
Static V - Steve Brandi: 
Marvin Gaye - Heard it Through the Grapevine (Accapela)
Static V - Jahmal Williams #1: 
Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt
Static V - Jahmal Williams #2: 
De La Soul - Change in Speak
Static V - Credits #1: 
The Invitations - Written on the Wall
Static V - Credits #2: 
Quim Cardona - Natural Mystic (Cover)