Stereo - Way Out East!

Stereo - Way Out East! cover art


Stereo Films Intro: 
Lindsay Upshaw - Agency Flute Jingle
Co-Captains Mission Briefing: 
The Fabulous Three - Whitesands Pt. II
Sound Agents Travelling: 
Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - Gator Funk Pt. I
London #1: 
The Fabulous Three - Answer Me Softly Pt. I
Olly Todd: 
The Herb Johnson Settlement - Get It Pt. I
London #2: 
Midlake - Kingfish Pies
New York #1: 
Midlake - The Jungler
New York #2: 
Midlake - No One Knew Where We Were
West Coast: 
Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - Investigator's Groove
Paris #1: 
Detroit Sex Machines - The Stretch Pt. I
Paris #2: 
The Fabulous Three - Odyssey Revised
Paris #3: 
Midlake - They Cannot Let It Expand
Midlake - Some of them Were Superstitious