Strange Notes - Dude, Bro. Bro, Dude.

Strange Notes - Dude, Bro. Bro, Dude. cover art
productions (33 min)


Poets & Pornstars - Earthman
Independent 30th Euro Tour 1: 
Los Olvidados - So Dull
David Gravette & Taylor Bingaman: 
The STREETS - Stop The Violence
Krux in Australia: 
Zolar X - A Moment In Time
Cairo Foster: 
Phillip Drummond - Page and Grind
Independent 30th Euro Tour 2: 
The Weirdos - Terrain
Sid Melvin: 
Phillip Drummond - My Bawn
Corey Duffel: 
Mister Loveless - Just Thoughts
Living Keys Music - Replacement Killer