One Small Step

One Small Step cover art
NBA player Sean Rooks makes a cameo appearance.


DJ Mike and Mac - Sugercane
Tom Krauser, Gary Smith: 
Bomb Hip Hop - 20-20-8-8
Rich Colwell, Rob Gonzales, Danny Montoya: 
Jason at United Boardshop - American Dreams
Shon Farren, Anthony Carney: 
West Coast Harem - Sirus Time
Montage #1: 
Wyclef Jean - Carnival
Diesel Boy - Schmooziphisus the Great
Jp Jadeed, Josh Neher: 
Bomb Hip Hop - Just Business
Paul Machnau, Glenn Suggitt: 
Diesel Boy - Song 5
Daniel Akamine, Jonas Wray: 
West Coast Harem - Cissy Strut
Soletech Montage: 
West Coast Harem - Jade
Evan Schiefelbine, Johnny Franck: 
Bomb Hip Hop - Ruggedness
Anthony Acosta, Jason Odell: 
Jason at United Boardshop - I Learned My Lesson
James Craig, Danny Garcia #1: 
Jason at United Boardshop - Covert Operation
James Craig, Danny Garcia #2: 
Dr. Dream - Tre Wobbler
Tooth and Nail - Sterling
Credits #2: 
Shig and Buzz - Cavalier