Termite - Pest Control

Termite - Pest Control cover art


Wesley Willis - Termites Ate My House Up
Big Wig - Sore Loser
Taylor Smith: 
Bouncing Souls - That's Youth
Mitchie Brusco / Dylon Taylor: 
Knockout - Aftermath
Timmy Lopez: 
Dr. Know - What To Do
Hanna Zanzi: 
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Love Rock N Roll
Hanna Zanzi - How to Drop In: 
DJ Swamp - ?
Andrew Rowe: 
Stiff Little Fingers - By Jake Burns And Gordon Ogilvie - Gotta Getaway
Trick Tip #3 How To Do An Invert By Andrew Rowe: 
DJ Swamp - ?
Dolan Stearns: 
Modest Mouse - Dukes Up
Trick Tip #4 How To Melow Grab By Dolan Stearns: 
DJ Swamp - ?
Jamie Quaintance: 
The Animals - I'm Crying
Trick Tip #5 How To Frontside Flip By Jamie Quaintance: 
DJ Swamp - Swamp Cuts
Adam Taylor: 
Blue Collar Special - Skate
Trick Tip #6 How To Frontside Boneless By Adam Taylor: 
Chase Webb: 
At The Drive In - Proxima Centauri
Trick Tip #7 How To Boardslide By Chase Webb: 
Oliver Rivas: 
Jurassic Five - Action Satisfaction
Trick Tip #8 How To Nollie Heelflip By Oliver Rivas: 
DJ Swamp - ?
Austyn Gillette: 
DJ Swamp - Worship The Robots
Trick Tip #9 How To Kickflip By Austyn Gillette: 
Untitled Section: 
DJ Swamp - Gossip
Untitled Section: 
Fearo - Illness
Untitled Section: 
Fearo - Boxcar Camelion
Untitled Section: 
Fearo - Forbidden Fruit
Untitled Section: 
DJ Swamp - My Peaceful Hell
Untitled Section: 
The Cliftons - Gimme Gimme
Untitled Section: 
Abstract Rude - Stop Biting
At The Drive In - Metronome Arthritis