The Berrics - Battle Commander

The Berrics - Battle Commander cover art


Eric Koston: 
Modest Mouse - Dashboard
Guy Mariano: 
The Animals - When I Was Young
Erik Ellington: 
Rachel's - Second Self-Portrait Series
Kellen James: 
Baby Huey - A Change Is Gonna Come
Garrett Hill: 
Tom Waits - Singapore
Lizard King: 
The Doors - Not To Touch The Earth
Kerry Getz: 
A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran
Brandon Biebel: 
Lil Wayne - My Daddy
Mike Vallely: 
Revolution Mother - Runaway Train
PJ Ladd: 
Jay-Z - Blue Magic (Instrumental)
Billy Marks: 
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Chris Cole: 
Children Of Bodom - Angels Don't Kill
Mark Appleyard: 
Rick Ross - Hustlin
Joey Brezinski: 
The Chemical Brothers - Believe (Instrumental)
Paul Rodriguez: 
Baby Huey - Running
Mikey Taylor: 
Brian Eno & David Byrne - Strange Overtones
Shane O'Neill: 
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - A Last Illusion
Torey Pudwill: 
Lil Wayne - Right Above It (feat. Drake)