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Chris Roberts (Frontside Nosegrinds): 
DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4)
Kelly Hart (360 Flips): 
James Brown - Funky Drummer (Remix)
Erik Ellington (Backside Bigspins): 
B.B. King - Don't Answer The Door
Steve Berra (Backside Flips): 
Sugarloaf - Green Eyed Lady
Luis Tolentino (Heelflips): 
RZA - Tragedy
Garrett Hill (Backside Pop Shove): 
Link Wray - Rumble
Chico Brenes (Varial Heel): 
Dj Shadow-Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
Mike Barker (Back Smith): 
Cymande - Promised Heights
Bryan Herman (Hardflip): 
Biggie Smalls - Kick In The Door (instrumental)
Andrew Reynolds (Frontside Flip): 
Deep Purple - Hey Joe
Giovanni Reda (No Comply): 
The Meters - Cissy Strut
Jimmy Cao (Nollie Backside Flip): 
DJ Shadow - Napalm Brain/ Scatter Brain
Lizard King (Kickflip): 
Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
Benny Fairfax (Nollie Flip): 
Al Green - Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
Joey Brezinski (Backside Heelflip): 
Greg Lutzka (Frontside Half Cab Flip): 
Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead
Cody Mcentire (Nollie Backside Heel): 
Wet Willie - The Beggar Song
Dany Supa (Half Cab Heel): 
Breakestra - Champ
Billy Marks (Switch Big Spin Heel): 
Three Dog Night - Easy To Be Hard
Sierra Fellers (Nollie Crooked): 
Biggie Smalls - Gimme The Loot (instrumental)
Daniel Castillo (Frontside 360): 
Mobb Deep - The Realest
Eric Koston (Back Tail): 
Wu-Tang Clan - Uzi/It Aint Nothin
Javier Nunez (Nollie Frontside Heelflip): 
Josh Kalis (Frontside Noseblunt): 
Wu Tang Clan - The Jump Off
Eli Reed (Back Lip): 
Dr. Octagon - Bear Witness
Steve Nesser (Frontside Ollie): 
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Jeron Wilson (Frontside Tailslide): 
The Motherhood - Soul Town
Nick Mclouth (Back Nosegrind): 
David Holmes - 165 Million Plus Interest
Andrew Brophy (Ollie): 
Madvillain - Supervillain Theme
Chase Gabor (Filming): 
Air - Playground Love
Justin Brock (Frontside Bigspin): 
The Champs - Tequila
Wieger Van Wageningen (Inward Heel): 
The Ventures - House Of Rising Sun
Shane O'Neill (Nollie Frontside Flip): 
Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song
Ben Fisher (Fakie 5-0): 
Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing (Live)
Rodrigo Petersen (Switch Frontside Flip): 
Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky
Karl Watson (Frontside Noseslide): 
Cymande - The Message
Manny Santiago (Kickflip BS 5050): 
Chicago - Make Me Smile
Heath Kirchart (Frontside Lipslide): 
Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly
Donovan Strain (Half Cab Flips ): 
Big L - The Enemy
Mikey Taylor (Frontside Feeble): 
Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash
Mark Appleyard (Fakie 360 Flip): 
Al Green - Tired Of Being Alone
Tommy Sandoval (Backside Bluntslide): 
David Bowie - New Killer Star
Richie Jackson (Backside Wallride): 
Bango - Inferno No Mundo
Patrick Melcher (Backside Hurricane): 
Nina Simone - Feeling Good
Gareth Stehr (Frontside Salad): 
The Beatles - Free As A Bird
Josiah Gatlyn (Switch Heelflip): 
Meiko Kaji - The Flower of Carnage
Josh Kalis (Fakie Flip): 
Fabolous - Breathe
Kenny Anderson (Backside Noseblunt): 
David Bowie - Soul Love
Kerry Getz (Double Kickflips): 
Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
Chris Cole (Backside 360): 
Children Of Bodom - Everytime I Die
Marquise Henry (Nollie Nosegrind): 
Jay-Z - Intro (The Dynasty)
Brandon Biebel (Switch Frontside Heelflip): 
Damien Fernandez - Get Buck In Here
Eric Koston (Backside Feeble): 
Pete Wingfield - Eighteen With A Bullet
Marty Murawski (Frontside Pop Shuvits): 
Patrick Wolf - Overture
Tukka Korhonen (Nollie): 
The Rolling Stones - Tell Me
Guy Mariano (Backside Crooked): 
The Chemical Brothers - The Big Jump
Ryan Smith (Front Smith): 
Modest Mouse - Alone Down There
Matt Miller (Nollie Heelflip): 
Leona Lewis - Stone Hearts
PJ Ladd (Nollie Frontside 360): 
Pink Floyd - In The Flesh
Felix Arguelles (Noseslide): 
The Bee Gees - Disco Inferno
Chris Roberts (Frontside 5-0): 
The Anniversary - Husam Husam
Clint Peterson (Backside 5-0): 
Neil Young - My My, Hey Hey
Spencer Hamilton (Fakie Bigspin): 
The Strokes - You Only Live Once
Lucas Puig (Switch Backside Flip): 
Zered Bassett (Switch 360 Flip): 
Snoop Dogg - Murder Was The Case (Instrumental)
Joey Brezinski (Nose Manual): 
Tom Petty - Night Driver
Chany Jeanguenin (Pivot to Fakie): 
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Suzy Q
Shane O'Neill (360 Pop Shut It): 
John Lennon - Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
Brandon Del Dianco (Backside 180 Nosegrind): 
Mike Vallely (Half Cab): 
Billy Marks (Nollie Inward Heelflips): 
Three Dog Night - Easy To Be Hard
Chad Tim Tim (Switch Crooked Grinds): 
Prince Gilchrist (Nollie Laser Flip): 
2Pac - Hell 4 A Hustler (instrumental)
Adelmo Jr. (Switch Backside Heelflips): 
Sizzla - Be Strong
Chico Brenes (Fakie Bigflips): 
Stefan Janoski (Switch Kickflips): 
The Kinks - Village Green
Kevin Romar (Nollie Backside 360s): 
Jay-Z - Freestyle Renegade
Daryl Angel (Fakie Backside Nosegrinds): 
Felipe Gustavo (Nollie Hardflips): 
Biggie & 2Pac - Runnin' (Dying 2 Live)
Brandon Biebel (Fakie Frontside Nosegrinds): 
Morgan Smith (Switch Backside Tailslides): 
Paul Rodriguez (Nollie 360 Flips): 
Darrell Stanton (Frontside Bluntslides): 
Mark Appleyard (Bigspin Flips): 
Danny Supa (Fakie Inward Heelflip ): 
Kanye West - All Of The Lights (Interlude)
Kenny Hoyle (Nollie Frontside Boardslides): 
Rodrigo TX (Switch Hardflip): 
Bill Withers - I Wish You Wel
Jamie Thomas (Frontside 180 Nose Grind): 
Chris Troy (Switch Frontside Bigspin): 
Johnny Layton (Frontside Bigspin Heelflip): 
The Beatles - I Want You
Jimmy Carlin (Frontside Half Cab Heelflip): 
We Are Family - Sister Sledge
Paul Shier (Frontside Half Cab Noseslide): 
Mike Mo Capaldi (Fakie Frontside Crooked Grind): 
Karl Watson (Nollie 180 Switch Crooked Grind): 
Matt Bennett (Bennett Grind): 
Enrique Lorenzo (Nollie Nose Manual): 
Tom Asta (Kickflip Backside Noseslide): 
Florence And The Machine - Between Two Lungs
Luan Oliveira (Switch Frontside 360): 
Ronnie Creager (Fakie Ollie Tailslide): 
Steve Nesser (Frontside Disaster): 
Davis Torgerson (Nollie Backside 180): 
Kenny Anderson (Backside Disaster): 
David Bowie - Soul Love
Sammy Baptista (Switch Frontside Pop Shuvit): 
The Notorious B.I.G. - Niggas Bleed
Kevin Coakley (Fakie Ollie Backside Crooked Grind): 
The Guess Who - Friends Of Mine
Kelly Hart (Nollie Varial Flip): 
Jeron Wilson (Half Cab Noseslide): 
Mike Vallely (Boneless): 
Megadeth - Peace Sells
Daniel Espinoza (Fakie Hardflip): 
Rob Gonzalez (Nollie Frontside 180): 
Moose (Nollie Backside Bigspin): 
Ryan Sheckler (Cab Flip): 
The Guess Who - Guns, Guns, Guns
Billy Marks (Kickflip Boardslide): 
Stacey Lowery (Frontside 180): 
Louie Lopez (Frontside Tailslide Bigspin): 
Theotis Beasley (Halfcab Double Kickflip): 
Willow (Frontside 360 Pop Shuvit): 
Mike Mo Capaldi (Switch Bigspin Kickflip): 
Talking Heads - The Big Country
Kevin Romar (Varial Kickflip): 
Aerosmith - Dream On
Mikey Taylor (Switch Frontside Lipslide): 
Arcade Fire - Intervention
Rodrigo Petersen (Nollie Frontside Bigspin): 
Boo Johnson (Fakie Frontside Bigspin): 
Steve Caballero (Backside Boardslide): 
Pink Floyd - The Division
Terry Kennedy (Fakie Frontside Lipslide): 
G-Unit - I'm So Hood
Chaz Ortiz (Kickflip Frontside Boardslide): 
The Hollies - I'm Down
Andrew Langi (Blunt Fakie): 
Albert Nyberg (No Comply Bigspin Heelflip): 
Crouch End Festival Chorus & The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - You're So Cool (From "True Romance")
Peter Ramondetta (Backside Tailslide Shuvit): 
Linda Ronstadt - You're No Good
Shane O'neill (Switch Backside Kickflip): 
Mott The Hoople - All The Young
Jimmy Carlin (Hardflip): 
Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks
Mark Appleyard (360 Flip): 
Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta
Chico Brenes (Frontside Pop Shuvit): 
Tommy Sandoval (Fakie Kickflip):