DC - The DC Video (Deluxe Edition)

DC - The DC Video (Deluxe Edition) cover art
This DVD contains the full "The DC Video" as well as bonus features which are the subject of this page. Search "The DC Video" for soundtrack info on the actual video. Two versions of "The Deluxe Edition" were released; one with a 16 page photo booklet, a blurb from Greg Hunt about filmmaking, a Q&A with Big Black, and a history of the mega ramp as told by Danny way; the other is a hardbound version with 82 pages of the aforementioned content as well as more photos and interviews with skaters appearing in the video.


Montage #1: 
Triple Threat - Morning Showers (instrumental)
Montage #2: 
The Black Keys - Hard Row
Danny Way on Mega Ramp: 
Del Rey - Staph & Strep
World Premiere Tour: 
Backlip - Shredded Hearts
Dyrdek Security #1: 
Tommy Guerrero - Organism
Dyrdek Security #2: 
Orphan - Diamond Thievery Association
Dyrdek Security #3: 
Sixtoo & Matth - Webeganhearingthings
Danny Way: 
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird
Initial Drawings: 
The American Analog Set - Modern Drummer
Draft Animation: 
Agent Orange - El Dorado