The Joy Of Skating

The Joy Of Skating cover art


Joy of Painting Intro: 
Larry Owens - Interlude
Bob Ross - Glitter Ponies
Dan Rusin: 
Pulp - TV Movie
Shane Brown: 
R.B. Greaves - Always Something There to Remind Me
Trevor Carlson: 
FAI ZA KKONGG - The Movement of Jahs People Preview
Jurassic 5 - Radio
TJ Moran (feat. Zack Goulet): 
Epsilons - Come On
Brandon Bowes: 
HEALTH - Triceratops (CFCF Remix)
Travis Wood: 
Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney - The Girl is Mine
Underground Section: 
Deaz D. - Acid Yell (Gizmo Remix)
Cam Herman: 
CSS - Fuck Everything
Grady Moquin: 
Quincy Jones - Tryin' to Find Out About You
Jack Lunt #1: 
TSOL - Socialite
Jack Lunt #2 and Credits: 
Aloe Blacc - Politician (Extended Instrumental)