The Mob Rules

The Mob Rules cover art
The Mob Rules is a full length skate video based in Ventura County and Los Angeles, California. Featuring full parts Corey Walker, James Martin, Jake Langford, Eric Beltran, and Jared Martinez. There is also a significant friends section including footage from Chad Anderson, Matt Lane, Chris 'Crusty' Weissmann and many more.


Lights & Motion - Departure
Corey Walker: 
The Asteroid No. 4 - Hold On
Camarillo Friends Section: 
Hooray for Earth - Lost Something
Friends Section: 
Holy Wave - Star Stamp
James Martin: 
Stalag 13 - Clean Up Your Act
Jake Langford #1: 
Wu-Tang Clan - 16th Chamber (ODB Special)
Jake Langford #2: 
Madvillain - All Caps (Instrumental)
Eric Beltran: 
Moss Of Aura - Bling
Jared Martinez #1: 
Black Bug - Reflecting The Light
Jared Martinez Intermission: 
Half String - (asterisk)
Jared Martinez #2: 
Man Without Country - Foe
Tycho - Adrift
Slowdive - Alison