The Path To Totality

The Path To Totality cover art
The Path To Totality feature image
The Path To Totality feature image
From Dan Watson: Please view this video on a proper screen with the lights low and the sound high. Filmed entirely on Hi8 camera from 2021 through 2023. No effects besides slow motion have been added to any of the footage. Filmed primarily in Saskatoon, SK with additional filming in Edmonton and Calgary, AB. Additional filming by Ian Rowley, Marco Luk, Dan Pulvermacher, Logan Hryciw, Jason Weidenhamer, and Scott Balkwill. The Path To Totality is my 8th full video project and also coincides with thirty years since I started skating in 1994 and twenty five years since I made my very first skate video in 1999 which was also filmed on Hi8. The video itself is 27 minutes long with an additional 13 minutes of footage designed to be an addition to the VHS physical copies. Thank you to everyone who has watched any of my videos.


1. Intro: 
Pauline Anna Strom - Freedom at the 45th Floor
2. Intro Montage: 
John Fahey - The Red Pony
3. Ian Rowley: 
Prince - Computer Blue
4. Water Segue: 
The Fabulous Wailers - Driftwood
5. Dan Pulvermacher, Dan Watson, Ian Sargent: 
The Wooden Glass Feat. Billy Wooten - In The Rain
6. Bird Segue: 
Genesis P-Orridge - Clouds Without Water
7. Logan Hryciw: 
Sonic Youth - 'Cross the Breeze
8. Moon Outro: 
Carducci String Quartet - String Quartet No. 3, Mishima: VI Mishima / Closing
9. Bonus Footage: 
Hoenig Michael - Departure from the Northern Wasteland