The Way Of The West

The Way Of The West cover art


Neon Manics - Electro Shock
Kreper Party At The Pink Motel: 
The Dictators - Faster And Louder
Charlie's Crib Ramp in Palo Alto 1: 
The Cliftons - Gimme Nothing
The Search For Santa's Village: 
McRad - R.I.P. Andy
The Search For Santa's Village: 
McRad - Jocelyn
Randy Scott's Thunder Dome: 
Western Addiction - When Good Friends Attack
Vans Skatepark in Milpitas: 
Down In Flames - Never Going Home
Palo Alto Skate Park: 
Clay Wheels - She Won't Take No For An Answer
Dwarves - Dominator
Charlie's Crib Ramp in Palo Alto 2: 
The Cliftons - I Love To Drink Beer
Fresno 1: 
No Use For A Name - Exit
concrete parks: 
Creepy - Powerless
Strawberry Lodge: 
Midnight Bombers - Bali Hounds
San Jose street footage: 
Fancy Hair Dragons - Down In The Cellar
Western Addiction - I Tore My Hands Off In A Combine
backyard bowls: 
Tommy Gun & The Bullets - Something New
Nelson's Fun House in San Jose: 
Channel 3 - Ready For Me
Fresno 2: 
The Shit Kickers - Trusty Steed
Charlie's Crib Ramp in Palo Alto 3: 
The Cliftons - I'm Dead
Ye Old Rusty Trombone: 
High Tower - 24th St. Dub
Slam City: 
The Resistoleros - I'll Bleed For You
Untitled Section: 
Creepy - Powerless
Crosstops - Everybodys Makin It Big But Me
bonus - Thunderdome II: 
Retching Red - Bullshit Repellent
bonus - Nelson's Fun House II: 
High Tower - Whirlwind Of Pain
bonus - trespassing: 
Midnight Bombers - Satan's Children
bonus - party footage: 
Don Cikuta - San Francisco
bonus - surfing: 
Tuf Bodies - Down To The Beach