Theories - CONDUIT

Theories - CONDUIT cover art
"Over the many years of watching Josh Stewart’s various projects blossom, we’ve grown to learn that anything Theories-related tends to involve clean, dynamic filming and the kind of dirty terrain that makes you want to embark on spot-hunts of your own (rather than numbing your sk8brain with stair counts), and CONDUIT is of course no exception." -Arthur, Free Skate Mag 00:00 Ryan Alvero 02:41 Nabeel Nelson, Nyle Lovett, Nick Rainey and Connor Noll. 04:47 Randy Benko Filmed By / Super 8 By: Jake Todd, Kevin DelGrosso, Brian Hunter. 16mm: Josh Stewart Additional Filming: Chad Matthews, Andy Collar, Ted Purtell



1. Ryan Alvero 1: 
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - All For the Cash
2. Ryan Alvero 2: 
Brijean - Day Dreaming
3. Nabeel Nelson, Nyle Lovett, Nick Rainey and Connor Noll: 
DJ Matpat - Face the Music
4. Randy Benko: 
Mista Playa Feat. HPShawty - INFINITE FIRE