Thrasher - Firing Squad

Thrasher - Firing Squad cover art
Thrasher Video #15.


Montage #1: 
Angry Samoans - Not Of This Earth
Montage #2: 
Primeridian - Jigsaw
Vans East Coast Tour: 
Three Summers Gone - All Said & Done
Road Dogs: South America: 
Divit - Swen Together
New Zealand, Austria and Marseille, France: 
Divit - Another Day In The Past
Andy Bautista: 
Jones Crusher - Mexican Radio
Montage #3: 
Visionaries - Honorable Mention
Peter Hewitt and Darren Navarrette: 
Sacred Hoop - Blindfolded
The Bodies - Pity
Fugazi - Smallpox Champion