Thrasher - S.O.T.Y. Video

Thrasher - S.O.T.Y. Video cover art


The Enemies - Last Rights
Tony Hawk: 
Rancid - Ruby Soho
Danny Way #1: 
Paik - Ghost Ship
Danny Way #2: 
Bad Religion - Against The Grain
John Cardiel: 
DJ Vadim - The Terrorist (feat. Motion Man)
Salman Agah: 
Toilet Boys - Heartstoppers
Mike Carroll #1: 
Paik - Twilight Storms
Mike Carroll #2: 
Fischerspooner - Megacolon
Chris Senn: 
The Last Season - Day In Ruin
Eric Koston: 
Hot Hot Heat - No, Not Now
Bob Burnquist: 
Division Of Laura Lee - Black City
Andrew Reynolds #1: 
Shakespace - Newlands
Andrew Reynolds #2: 
IMA Robot - Song Number One
Brian Anderson #1: 
Paik - Low Battery Transmission
Brian Anderson #2: 
The Capitol Years - Train Race
Geoff Rowley & Arto Saari: 
Turbonegro - The Age Of Pamparius
Tony Trujillo: 
The Enemies - Palm of My Hand
The Black Heart Procession - It's a Crime I Never Told You About the Diamonds in Your Eyes