Thrasher - Sponsor Me!

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Thrasher Video #3.


Unsponsored Individuals #1: 
The Fugees - Nappy Heads
Unsponsored Individuals #2: 
Mad Child & TG - Rebel Without A Pause
Sponsorship Essentials: 
T Beats - Chicken Boy
Skarfing Material With Chef Pierre: 
The Mermen - My Black Bag
John Cardiel Threads The Needle: 
The Offspring - Come Out And Play
The Sponsored Guys #1: 
Surgery - D-Nice
The Sponsored Guys #2: 
Doc Hopper - Geiger
10 Tricks: 
Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic - Funk-A-Tac
Mandatory Mishaps: 
Infectious Grooves - Three Headed Mind Pollution
More Sponsored Guys #1: 
The Supersuckers - Creepy Jackalope Eye
More Sponsored Guys #2: 
Putters - Muscle Car
More Sponsored Guys #3: 
Skinhole - Leaner Days
Chat With Dicky Barret: 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Our Only Weapon
Blocked Out In Brazil: 
Biohazard - What Make Us Tick
More Sponsored Guys #4: 
Rancid - Radio
More Sponsored Guys #5: 
Lucy's Fur Coat - Treasure Hands
More Sponsored Guys #6 (Mike Carroll): 
Fugees - Giggles
Coolle (?) - Freestyle